Why Buyers Should Visit Ram Dealers for CPO Trucks

When considering buying a truck, it’s important to know all the options. There’s more to think about than the age-old new vs. used question; even among vehicles found at local Ram dealers, buyers must choose between new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. These trucks come with low miles and better warranties, and they undergo a rigorous inspection before being put up for sale. Certified pre-owned or CPO vehicles are a compelling middle ground between a new truck and a used one. Below are several reasons to consider buying a CPO truck.

They’re Less Expensive Than New Trucks

There are a few reasons to buy CPO, but the first is the most obvious. New trucks are costlier than their used counterparts. The average two-year-old CPO truck is roughly 25% less expensive, and the number climbs even higher for earlier model vehicles. However, it’s important to consider that a CPO vehicle comes at a premium. Buyers should ask themselves whether the advantages of buying certified pre-owned trucks justifies the increase in price.

They Come With a Manufacturer Warranty

This is another good reason to consider a CPO truck. With the higher price, manufacturers offer a selection of warranties. However, just like the trucks they certify, not every warranty is the same. Buyers should pay attention to the specifics of the warranty; there are limited and bumper-to-bumper warranties to consider. A powertrain warranty typically lasts longer, and a bumper-to-bumper warranty typically includes a deductible. When considering a CPO truck, the buyer should ask about the warranty’s length, deductible, and exclusions.

A Comprehensive Inspection

One of the reasons CPO trucks come with warranties is because they’re carefully inspected by the manufacturer before they’re put up for sale. Unlike private, as-is used trucks, CPO vehicles are subjected to a rigorous inspection. For buyers who aren’t very mechanically inclined, the reassurance of buying a CPO truck could be worth the additional cost.

Call to Learn More or to Take a Test Drive

As discussed here, there are many reasons to visit a Ram dealer to see their CPO inventory. For more information or to schedule a test drive, call the dealership today.